RV Whisper™ and Tank Whisper™ technology bring peace of mind to your RV experience

Monitor your RV's indoor and refrigerator/freezer temperatures, gauge your 12V battery status, and get correct holding tank level measurements in most RVs — all from the convenience of your web browser!

Pet Safety

Away from the RV and worried about your pets?

Use RV Whisper™ to set text and email alerts when your RV's temperature gets too hot while you are away, or check the temperature remotely from your internet browser.

Food Safety

The propane / electric RV refrigerators can struggle to store food at safe temperatures in hot weather.

With RV Whisper™, you will know if your fridge and freezer are keeping your food cold.

Peace of Mind

Camping without full hookups?

Tank Whisper™ technology correctly measures how full your holding tanks really are, so you can relax with friends and family - not make needless trips to the dump station.

Always On

Worried about your RV while you're away?

When powered by your 12V batteries, RV Whisper™ is always on. Now you can check if your RV lost shore power, and monitor the fridge/freezer.

RV Battery Monitoring

Curious how well your RV's batteries, charging system, generator and/or solar panels are working together?

RV Whisper™ uses wireless sensors to monitor your RV's 12V battery. Customize alerts for low and/or high battery voltage, and use the RV Whisper™ software to offer insight into your energy system.


Access data from anywhere.

Display your RV Whisper™ data on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - either locally or over the internet. Your data are stored securely on a local database.

RV Whisper® is bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to RVs

Use the RV Whisper® Monitor System to monitor your RV!
RV Whisper’s™ wireless sensors and software let you be in control of your RV’s data. Set alerts to send text messages or emails in case your RV gets too hot while you’ve left your pet behind, or if you’re worried about your RV’s fridge not keeping your food cold enough. View historical data for measurements of: indoor temperature, fridge temperature, freezer temperature, and battery voltage.


What our clients say

“We RV travel with pets and are always concerned while away for the day if the electricity or air conditioning failed without being aware. With the RV Whisper system, not only can we monitor the temperature inside the RV, refrigerator, and freezer, we’re alerted via text and email of a problem. We’re now at ease knowing things at the campground are fine. Tech Support was very attentive when we had some questions when installing and got us up and running. We’re very satisfied overall with their product.”
– Full-time RVer
“Thank you! Love the System!”
– Melanie, Dog Show Vendor and Dog Lover
– Full-time RVer

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Have a suggestion or RV Whisper™ feature request?

Please let us know how we can improve the RV Whisper system. For example, some RVers with pets may be interested in a video component to remotely monitor their dog or cat while away.

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