Upgrade Your RV!

With wireless monitoring, logging and alerting of temperature, RV batteries,
propane, shore power, water leaks and door-open status

Android and iPhone Launcher Apps NOW AVAILABLE

Pet Safety

Away from the RV and worried about your pets?

Use RV Whisper® to send text and email alerts when your RV's temperature gets too hot while you are away. For peace of mind, check the temperature over the internet from your phone at any time. Receive alerts when shore power is lost to give you more time to react on a hot day when your pets were left behind for a few hours. Easily see how the temperature changed during the hours you were away. Check out our recent Pet Safety Blog Article.

RV Battery Monitoring

Curious how well your RV's batteries, charging system, generator and/or solar panels are working together?

RV Whisper® uses wireless sensors to monitor Volts, Amps and State of Charge of your RV's 12V batteries. Customize alerts for low and/or high battery voltage or battery current. Use the RV Whisper® software to offer insight into your energy use. See how well your solar system and/or generator are at charging your RV batteries.

Always On

Worried about your RV while you're away?

When powered by a 12Volt USB power adapter, RV Whisper® is always on, logging data and sending alerts. Now you can check over the internet if your RV lost shore power over the last week, see how the fridge/freezer temperatures were during hot weather and track your propane use on the coldest nights. Since all data is logged you can easily graph your RV's historical data.

Food Safety

The propane / electric RV refrigerators can struggle to store food at safe temperatures in hot weather.

With RV Whisper®, you will know if your fridge and freezer are keeping your food cold. With logging of temperature, propane level, shore power and battery status, you will know if your RV has adequate power to keep your fridge operating, whether it is for a long weekend or for a seasonal site.


Access data from anywhere.

Display your RV Whisper® data on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - either locally or over the internet. Your data is stored in your RV on a local database so you always have access to the data when you are in your RV and new data can always be logged. When you also have WiFi with internet access in the RV, you can securely see the data and receive email and text message alerts over the internet.

Peace of Mind

Camping without full hookups?

Tank Whisper® technology will be able to correctly measure how full your holding tanks really are, so you can relax with friends and family - not make needless trips to the dump station. The Tank Whisper hardware is being re-designed to make it more reliable and cost effective. If you are interested in being a beta tester when the new systems are ready, fill out the contact form and let us know.

RV Whisper® is the Internet of Things (IoT) for RVs.


    Our Tank Whisper® technology is currently being re-designed; it uses advanced signal processing techniques to talk to your existing RV sensors, using your existing wiring, to correctly measure your RV tank levels. Tank Whisper™ can get correct measurements for black tank sensors that haven’t worked properly in years.