Pet Safety and Powering your Monitor Station

When you lose shore power is when you most need your monitor system to work. For Pet safety you should use a 12 Volt USB adapter to power your RV Whisper Monitor Station. Your WiFi router should also be powered off the RV batteries. so that your monitor station remains fully operational when you lose shore power and you need the system the most.

Here are two examples of 12 Volt USB power adapters.

Many newer RVs come with USB power ports already installed in them that are connected to the 12 Volt system. If a cigarette lighter socket is what you have, then a USB cigarette lighter adapter can be a good choice also, but be aware that during travel the cigarette lighter adapters often bounce loose on bumpy roads – so be sure to plug them in securely when you stop traveling for the day.

Adding a hardwired USB 12 Volt adapter is a fairly simple task for someone that has a drill, the right size drill bit, and some 12 Volt wire crimping tools.

Be sure to use the blue USB power cable that came with your RV Whisper monitor station, and be sure to use a USB power outlet rated for 2.1 Amps or higher. The blue cable is best because it uses 22AWG (thick) copper for the power and ground wires. Most USB cables use thinner copper and can introduce a voltage drop that will cause the monitor station to reset itself over and over. The red LED inside the RVM1 monitor stations should always be solid red when powered on. If the red LED blinks or turns off even occasionally, then the voltage is too low at the monitor station and you should switch to a better USB power adapter and/or the correct USB power cable.

So for Pet Safety, be sure both your RV Whisper monitor station and your WiFi router are powered off of the RV batteries so they can always be on. Especially when you lose shore power.

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