Some Airstream trailers have Aluminum 30 lb. propane cylinders instead of the steel 30 lb. propane cylinders that are more common. The Aluminum, while being really cool, means the magnets on the Mopeka propane sensors will not stick to the bottom of them. Since RV Whisper integrates with the latest versions (Firmware V1.2 and above) of the Mopeka propane sensors, one determined Airstream owner figured out a way to mount the Mopeka propane sensors on the bottom of his Aluminum propane cylinders.

Rob Davis sent me an email along with the images shown below. He also gave me permission to share this information. As of July 20, 2019, he has these installed and working, but has not done any traveling with them in place yet. Before someone else tries this, you might want to wait till Rob is able to do some road testing of his system and reports back his findings. Of course if you are adventurous, go ahead and try this yourself and let me know how it works. I will be happy to post updates on real world use. Contact me at Thanks, Ed Bender.

Email from Rob Davis:

“I purchased an entire monitoring package from Russ & Diane at Alumapolooza and asked about alum. Tanks. She called you and said they may not work. I used neoprene foam ‘shims’ for a motorcycle battery box that come when you buy a battery. They have peel & stick on one side. Also, my tank ‘tray’ was open in the middle which would allow the sensor to fall through. Here’s how I solved the problem:

Aluminum Propane Tanks and Mopeka Sensors

Checking Foam Spacer Thickness on Aluminum Propane Cylinder Bottom
New base added to cover open area on tank platform.
Mopeka sensors with added foam.
Sensor with 2 layers of foam attached to new base plate. Note the “ultrasound goo” on the rubber sensor face for better quality measurements by the Mopeka sensor.
Mopeka Tank Check App After installing with one Empty Tank
RV Whisper App After Filling the Empty Tank

With the Mopeka propane sensors installed on his Airstream trailer and added to his RV Whisper Monitor Station, Rob is now logging the propane levels along with all data from his wireless temperature sensors and his wireless RV battery voltage sensor. He also has the ability to create both email and text message alerts for any of his sensor data.

Historical data from one temperature sensor in the RV Whisper app.