New Monitor Station Software (Version 4.6) Availability and Features

August 27, 2020. Version 4.6 of the RV Whisper Monitor Station software is now shipping and is available for customers that want to upgrade their current system. This is the software that runs on the RVM1-xxxx or RVM2-xxxx Monitor Station that runs in your RV. (Note that this is NOT the “RV Whisper Launcher” phone app that runs on your Android or iPhone).

You can see the current version of your RVM Monitor Station (when you are logged in and can see the sensor data), just scroll to the bottom of any page to see the current date, time and version number of your system. Email to request the software update for your RVM1 or RVM2 monitor station. Updates can be completed over-the-internet, or may require replacing the MicroSD card, depending on the version of your current software.

New Features in Version 4.6

RELIABILITY AND BUG FIXES: Numerous bug fixes that improve reliability including:

  • WiFi reliability improvements
  • Power Watchdog integration fixes to reduce false alarms
  • Mopeka Propane Level improvements (% FULL more accurately calculated from liquid height raw data)
  • Thornwave Battery Power Monitor data collection reliability improvements
  • Edit Alerts Contacts (email and phone numbers) – allow editing and removal of email addresses and phone numbers in the list of Alerts Contacts
  • Sensor Graphs display units and axes cleanly.
  • Sensor ToolTips available on all sensor graphs to allow seeing raw data for any data point.

New Feature: CUSTOMIZE DISPLAY: Change RV Type on Dashboard Image and place any sensor icon at any location. Here is a screen shot of the “Class A Diesel” as an example with several sensors placed in custom locations.

NEW SENSOR: PressurePro FX tire pressure. Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system Advantage PressurePro.

NEW SENSOR: SeeLevel 709BTP3 water tank level gauges. Bluetooth capable tank monitor panel from Garnet Instruments.