Text Message Alerts from a Cell Phone Service that is Not Listed

Text Message Alerts from a Cell Phone Service that is Not Listed

When setting up Text Message Alerts, if you find your cell phone service provider / carrier is not in the list of cell phone providers when you try to add a cell phone number, you can usually fix this. This post explains how to set up text message Alerts from almost any cell phone service provider.


RV Whisper text alerts are actually sent as email to a specific “email-to-text” address that most cell phone providers. For example to send a text message via email to a Verizon cell phone number you can send an email to phonenumber@vtext.com. For example, to send a text message to the phone number 555-123-4567 just send a short email to 5551234567@vtext.com and verify the email is received as a text message.

Verizon explains this here.

You can check online with your cell phone service to see how they handle this. A good search phrase would be “Verizon email to text message address” where you can replace Verizon with your cell service provider.


  • message length may be limited to 100 characters or so.
  • messages may be limited to no images

Test First

Before you enter the email-to-text address for your phone into an RV Whisper Alert, you should test it first by sending a test email from any email account you have.