WiFi Connection Troubleshooting

WiFi Connection Troubleshooting

WiFi Setup and Troubleshooting

If your RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVM2-xxxx) or (RVM1-xxxx) is having trouble connecting to your WiFi router in your RV, here are some troubleshooting steps. Do not hesitate to contact support@rvwhisper.com or call 410-286-3060 if you need help getting your WiFi connection setup properly.  If  you are comfortable connecting to different WiFi networks, the steps below may help you solve the problem on your own.

  1. Are you trying to use the “Personal Hotspot” feature on an iPhone or iPad as your RV WiFi network? If so, that can work but there is a problem with getting it to work. Read the details here: https://rvwhisper.com/2019/07/24/using-iphone-personal-hotspot-for-rv-whisper-monitor-station/

  2. Are you trying to connect to campground WiFi or some other public hotspot? If so, there are potential problems that can prevent it from working. Read about that here: https://rvwhisper.com/2020/09/26/campground-wifi-and-rv-whisper/

  3. Start by looking at this How it Works diagram and read the brief description at the bottom of the How it Works page.  It will likely help you better understand how the various WiFi connections work and help you understand the troubleshooting steps below.  https://rvwhisper.com/how-it-works/

  4. Does the “RV Whisper Launcher” phone app connect to your RV Whisper Monitor Station “Local WiFi” during the Setup / Change Settings step?  If so:

    • What is the “Currently Connected Network” displayed on the Network Settings page?  If it says “Not Connected”, then select your RV WiFi network from the list, enter your RV’s WiFi password, click SAVE AND REBOOT.

    • When your RVM is successfully connected to a WiFi router, the Currently Connected Network will show that connection.  If it is connected to your RV WiFi network, then the WiFi setup is completed. 

  5. Are you able to do the “Manual WiFi Setup Instructions for laptops, phones, or tablets” documented on page 4 of the RV Whisper User Manual:  https://rvwhisper.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/RVWhisperUserManual-V3.6.pdf

  6. Does the “Local WiFi” connection (between your phone and the RVM2-xxxx or RVM1-xxxx WiFi network) keep appearing and disappearing evey minute or s?  If so, then an incorrect WiFi password may have been entered for your RV WiFi network.  If that is happening, you can contact RV Whisper support or try these troubleshooting steps yourself:

    • Temporarily Turn Off your RV WiFi router.

    • Verify that the RVM2-xxxx WiFi network is visible from your phone’s WiFi settings and the RV Whisper Launcher phone app is now able to connect to and stay connected to your RVM2-xxxx WiFi network.  If this is successful then continue to the next steps:

      • Find another WiFi network to temporarily connect to.  It could be a personal hotspot on a phone but if it is an iPhone or iPad Personal Hotspot you MUST follow these instructions to get your iPhone or iPad Personal Hotspot feature to allow connections to it: https://rvwhisper.com/2019/07/24/using-iphone-personal-hotspot-for-rv-whisper-monitor-station/

      • Do the RV Whisper setup steps to connect to your new (temporary) WiFi network.  You can use the RV Whisper Launcher phone app (on a different phone than the phone using as a Personal Hotspot), or you can follow the Manual WiFi Setup instructions described in Step 5 above.

      • After connecting to your new (temporary) WiFi network (SAVE & REBOOT step), wait 2 minutes and validate the “Gateway Login” feature now works.  If the Gateway Login feature works continue to next step.  If not, repeat step 6 or contact support@rvwhisper.com or call 410-286-3060.

      • Turn your RV WiFi router back on.

      • Wait a few minutes for your RV WiFi router to boot up.

      • In the RV Whisper Launcher app, reload the Settings page (gear icon) and click the NETWORK button.  You should now be able to see you RV WiFi network in the list of available networks.   Select your RV WiFi Network, carefully enter your RV WiFi password, click SAVE & REBOOT

      • You may need to wait a minute, and reload the Settings page (click gear icon) to rescan for WiFi networks.  Then click the NETWORK button to see if your RV WiFi network shows up in the list of available WiFi networks.