Thornwave DCPM PowerMon X Firmware Support

If you are using a Thornwave PowerMon (DCPM) sensor to monitor your batteries in RV Whisper, you may need to update your RV Whisper software if you are using the new “PowerMon X” version of the phone app from Thornwave Labs.

Technical Background:

Earlier this year, Thornwave Labs, the manufacturer of the PowerMon battery monitor released a new version of their phone app that is called “PowerMon X”.   If you are using the PowerMon X version of the phone app, that means the firmware running on the PowerMon device is running “PowerMon X Firmware”.

In February, 2022 RV Whisper worked with Thornwave Labs to add support for the new “PowerMon X” firmware by RV Whisper.

This applies to both the “PowerMon 5S” that includes a 500 Amp battery shunt, as well as the classic PowerMon that can connect to an external shunt.

RV Whisper Software Update:

To update your RV Whisper Software to the latest version follow the instructions here: Software Update Information