RV Whisper™ is bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to RVs

RV Whisper LLC is family-owned company based in Maryland. We are focused on building advanced technology for the RV community. We love to meet fellow RVers who want to improve their RV experience — check out our event schedule to find us in person! We also welcome to you to contact us to learn more about RV Whisper™ and Tank Whisper™!

RV Whisper LLC was founded by an engineer and RV enthusiast with 30 years of experience developing and integrating software and hardware systems used for scientific research, management of IT systems, and automation of business processes.

RV Whisper LLC builds low-cost, low-power computer systems to monitor important RV metrics and operations, including battery and water tank levels, temperature gauges, and more. RV Whisper LLC is bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to RVs.

How was Tank Whisper™ technology invented?

The advanced Tank Whisper™ technology was developed from data-collection experiments that measured water tank levels from a factory-sourced RV tank-monitor system. Our advanced signal processing techniques allow most existing RV tank-monitoring probe systems and wiring to correctly gauge holding tank levels.

Tank Whisper™ gently “whispers” to existing tank sensors and “listens” for the response.