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Surge Guard Firmware and RV Whisper Integration

RV Whisper now (September, 2023) integrates with two different Surge Guard devices from Southwire:  the 34931 (for 30 Amp RVs) and the 34951 (for 50 AmpRVs).  For the integration to work there are 2 requirements: RV Whisper software version 4.803 or higher is required to work with Surge Guard 34931 and 34951 devices. The Firmware […]

RVM1 vs. RVM2 vs. RVM3 Monitor Stations

What is the difference between RVM1, RVM2 and RVM3 versions of the RV Whisper Monitor Station?   Since RV Whisper first started selling Monitor Stations, there have been 3 versions sold to customers: RVM1 – Larger system with quad core processor RVM2 – Smaller physical system with single core processor RVM3 – Smaller physical system […]