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RVM1 vs. RVM2 vs. RVM3 Monitor Stations

What is the difference between RVM1, RVM2 and RVM3 versions of the RV Whisper Monitor Station?   Since RV Whisper first started selling Monitor Stations, there have been 3 versions sold to customers: RVM1 – Larger system with quad core processor RVM2 – Smaller physical system with single core processor RVM3 – Smaller physical system […]

Power Watchdog and RV Whisper Troubleshooting

If you have any model Power Watchdog surge protector from Hughes Autoformers you can add it as a “sensor” to your RV Whisper Monitor Station.       The detailed instructions for adding a Power Watchdog are displayed in the RV Whisper app when you add a Power Watchdog using the “Add Sensor” feature. If […]

RV Whisper Software Version 4.727 Available

As of May 26, RV Whisper software Version 4.727 is available for customers to upgrade to. This is the software that runs on your RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVM1 or RVM2) that is installed in your RV. Software Update Instructions This version includes major performance improvements, especially for customers with lots of historical data and […]