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Bluetooth Radio Signal Optimization in RVs

The RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVM1 or RVM2) collects data from sensors in the RV using Bluetooth radio signals. The RV Whisper Monitor Station must be able to see the Bluetooth radio signal of the sensors that are placed in different areas of the RV in order to work properly. In most RVs, the Bluetooth […]

USB Cable Squeeze to Fix Low Voltage Condition

Have you done the USB Cable Squeeze Yet? In August and September of 2021, we found that a significant number of customer problems with WiFi and Bluetooth reliability were due to a low voltage condition inside the RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVM1 and RVM2 systems). There is a SIMPLE FIX recommended for all customers:  Simply squeeze the larger connector that is on one end of […]

Cold Weather RV Travel Tips

RVers love to get out and enjoy their RV any time they can, but some are hesitant to take it out in the winter. Many are hesitant to use their RV during the winter mostly because they are concerned about freezing pipes, running out of propane, dead batteries and other potential problems that can make […]