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Why do the Mopeka Phone App and RV Whisper sometimes show different values?

People that compare the Mopeka Phone App with the RV Whisper display often wonder how the values can be different from each other.  It’s actually pretty straightforward why (to me anyway), but it takes a bit of explaining to understand why. Each Mopeka sensor broadcasts the liquid height every few seconds from its Bluetooth radio transmitter. […]

Campground WiFi and RV Whisper

Campground WiFi systems, on their own, may or may not be a reliable way to connect RV Whisper to the internet. But you can make them be more reliable. The speed of the internet connection is not the issue since RV Whisper uses very little network bandwidth – all data is stored in the RV. […]

Text Message Alerts from a Cell Phone Service that is Not Listed

When setting up Text Message Alerts, if you find your cell phone service provider / carrier is not in the list of cell phone providers when you try to add a cell phone number, you can usually fix this. This post explains how to set up text message Alerts from almost any cell phone service […]