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New Monitor Station Software (Version 4.6) Availability and Features

August 27, 2020. Version 4.6 of the RV Whisper Monitor Station software is now shipping and is available for customers that want to upgrade their current system. This is the software that runs on the RVM1-xxxx or RVM2-xxxx Monitor Station that runs in your RV. (Note that this is NOT the “RV Whisper Launcher” phone […]

Propane Tank Sensor on a Motorhome – For Rough Roads

Background: Here is some information from an RV Whisper customer and his experience installing and using a Mopeka XL Propane Level Sensor on his Class C 13 gallon (53 pounds) propane tank that is permanently mounted. “Immediately after the install, we went on a trip that involved hundreds of miles of poorly maintained roads, mostly […]

Using iPhone or iPad Personal Hotspot for RV Whisper Monitor Station

Depending on your model of iPhone or iPad and your cellular data plan, your iPhone may support a Personal Hotspot feature that the RV Whisper monitor station can use to connect to the internet. However, the iPhone or iPad only lets devices connect to the Personal Hotspot while the Personal Hotspot screen is visible on […]