Boondocking with RV Whisper

Here is a review from an RV owner that camps in areas with no cell signal, no electricity and no hookups of any kind and uses solar panels to recharge his batteries.

We recently installed the RV Whisper product in our travel trailer early May 2019.

Installed are the DC Power Meter battery sensor w/external shunt and 3 temp sensors (fridge, freezer and indoor temp) for the purpose of knowing the environmental status of our trailer and for the historical information the RV Whisper provides.

Documentation and tech support was great, making the install easy.

We use the RV Whisper and sensors to get the following information from our trailer:

  • Battery state of charge.
  • Track how fast the batteries get charged from our solar system and other charge sources.
  • Track the fridge and freezer temps to make sure our food stays at safe temperature and to know when the fridge has cooled down and is ready to be loaded before leaving on a weekend trip.

We mainly “boon dock” / off-grid camp in our trailer on weekends. Using the collected data is very useful for operating our electronics in the evening and then seeing the energy production the next day. We can remotely review the battery state of state charge when the trailer is not in use which ensures the batteries are well taken care of.

The RV Whisper unit in our trailer is always powered on and remembers the 3 WiFi access points that I initially entered in the system, when we pull up near a known WiFi connection, the trailer automatically connects and the information becomes accessible via the internet. This is not a requirement just a fantastic feature. The steps are easy to add more WiFi access points as needed.

If no cell service exists and no internet access is available while camping, it is easy to connect to the local WiFi provided by the device itself to see all the information I need.

The free downloadable app is our primary way of accessing the RV Whisper while on the road, very fast and easy to use. The vehicle passenger can login to the RV Whisper while driving down the road to make sure all is well from the truck, making sure our food does not spoil during a long hot road trip.

We can also track how much voltage is being sent from the tow vehicle to the trailer battery system and we can tell the difference between the solar system voltage and the tow vehicle voltage being sent to the trailer.

The RV Whisper is a valuable tool for us, we really appreciate having access to the daily and historical logged information and that enhances our camping experience.

We cant wait to buy the “Tank Whisper” when it becomes available.