RVM1 vs. RVM2 vs. RVM3 Monitor Stations

What is the difference between RVM1, RVM2 and RVM3 versions of the RV Whisper Monitor Station?

RVM1 Monitor Station

RVM2 & RVM3 Monitor Station


Since RV Whisper first started selling Monitor Stations, there have been 3 versions sold to customers:

  • RVM1 – Larger system with quad core processor
  • RVM2 – Smaller physical system with single core processor
  • RVM3 – Smaller physical system (same size and shape as RVM2) with quad core processor

All models of the RV Whisper Monitor Station run the same software, the only difference is in how fast they run the software.  Users will notice the RVM3 is the fastest system, with the RVM1 being just a bit slower.  The RVM2 is the slowest system of the 3.

Now what do we mean by “faster” or “slower”?   All models can reliably support 25+ bluetooth sensors, the difference is in the response time when a page is displayed or updated.  The RVM3 will display a page the fastest, typically about one second faster than an RVM1, and typically about 3 seconds faster than on RVM2. Of course, if your network is really slow, they will all seem slow, but with a fast internet connection the speed is noticeably faster on an RVM3 compared to an RVM2.

RV Whisper first sold RVM1 systems in 2017 and then switched to RVM2 systems in August 2019.   In August, 2022 we switched to RVM3 Monitor Stations.

All versions are still supported by RV Whisper and can be securely accessed over the RV Whisper Gateway.








Power Watchdog and RV Whisper Troubleshooting

If you have any model Power Watchdog surge protector from Hughes Autoformers you can add it as a “sensor” to your RV Whisper Monitor Station.

RV Whisper showing Power Watchdog shore power data




The detailed instructions for adding a Power Watchdog are displayed in the RV Whisper app when you add a Power Watchdog using the “Add Sensor” feature.

Power Watchdog 50 Amp

If you are having trouble with your Power Watchdog working with your RV Whisper system, here are the troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  • Make sure the Power Watchdog phone app is turned off on your phone.  The Power Watchdog can only talk to one “Bluetooth Central” device at a time (your Power Watchdog phone app or your RV Whisper Monitor Station).  You may need to temporarily “disable bluetooth” on your phone to make sure the Power Watchdog phone app has released its bluetooth radio connection to the Power Watchdog.
  • Make sure your Power Watchdog has power.  When the Power Watchdog is not plugged in, the Bluetooth radio on it does not have power either.  Check your RV park’s power pedestal breaker.
  • The Power Watchdog and RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVMx) need to see each other’s Bluetooth radio signals in order to communicate.  You may need to move your Power Watchdog and/or your RVMx (RV Whisper Monitor Station) to get a clear signal – this is usually only needed in Class A RVs with ceramic tile floors.  There are a bunch of bluetooth communication troubleshooting tips here: https://rvwhisper.com/2022/01/26/bluetooth-radio-signal-optimization-in-rvs
  • Do not remove the Power Watchdog as a sensor and try adding it as a sensor again – this only deletes potentially valuable diagnostic data for RV Whisper support
  • Do not uninstall the RV Whisper phone app and reinstall it – this will have no effect on the Power Watchdog integration
  • Try updating the software on your RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVMx) by following the instructions here:  https://rvwhisper.com/2022/05/24/software-update/

And finally, please contact support@rvwhisper.com if you can’t get your RV Whisper Monitor Station and Power Watchdog working together.


RV Whisper Software Version 4.727 Available

As of May 26, RV Whisper software Version 4.727 is available for customers to upgrade to. This is the software that runs on your RV Whisper Monitor Station (RVM1 or RVM2) that is installed in your RV.

Software Update Instructions

This version includes major performance improvements, especially for customers with lots of historical data and lots of sensors.  It includes the new EasyStart integration, the updated Thornwave PowerMon X integration, and improved WiFi setup reliability.

Numerous bug fixes and the latest security updates are part of this version also.