To log in to a live running RV Whisper Monitor Station running in a RV with all sensors:

  1. Go here:
  2. Username: rvdemo1
  3. Password is “rv whisper demo” but with NO SPACES in the password.
  4. Click on Go To My RV

Note that this is a real RV that may be on the road at any time so:

we may be rolling down the road so intermittent internet access is possible at times.

  • we may be briefly camping in a place with limited or no cell phone or internet access.
  • we may not be plugged into shore power so the Power Watchdog Surge Protector is not always online. (but you can see when we were plugged in, and how good the park power was)
  • our dog is not always in the RV so please don’t be concerned if it is real hot inside.