Documentation for RV Whisper® Monitor Station:



Thornwave DC Power Meter User Manual

Older Versions of the Documentation:

Quick Start Guide V3.0 (pdf)

Quick Start Guide V2.1 (pdf) 


WiFi Troubleshooting Steps.

Follow the instructions in this Quick Start Guide to install and configure your system.

Installation Location

Where’s the best location to install RV Whisper® Monitor Station and Sensors?

It depends! The RV Whisper® computer uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with the wireless sensors. The range between them is ~50 yards in open air, but physical objects and walls can limit that range.

Generally, we recommend installing the RV Whisper® Monitor Station (black box in picture) close to the wireless sensors installed in your RV. Attempt to minimize obstructions between the sensors and the computer. But your RV Whisper® computer can also help you find the best locations to place your sensors!

First install the BMRV1 Battery Sensors  and then test different locations of the RV Whisper® Monitor Station to make sure the Battery Sensor radio signal reaches the Monitor Station.  Every 5 minutes the radio signal strength is recorded along with the voltage and temperature data.

Next place the BTH1 Temperature & Humidity Sensors where you want them and make sure the signals are received by the Monitor Station. Generally, the Battery Sensor location is the most difficult to change, while the temperature sensor and Monitor Station locations can be changed more easily.

RV Whisper® automatically tracks and records the received signal strength (RSSI) of each wireless sensor, which indicates how well the RV Whisper® Monitor Station can hear the signal. RSSI data are constantly collected from each sensor, so you can move your sensors around your RV and get feedback on how well a sensor location works in your RV. Track your RSSI data over time to see any changes in signal strength.  This graph shows RSSI values from -80 dB to -120 dB which is a moderately weak signal.

How it Works – Architecture Diagram

Here is how the monitor station connects to the internet and to sensors.


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