DOOR1 Wireless Door Open / Close Sensor

DOOR1 Bluetooth Wireless Sensor

The wireless DOOR1 sensors are easily installed on RV entry doors, RV storage doors and other doors you may want to track.  The RV Whisper monitor station collects and logs the DOOR1 data using Bluetooth Low Energy.  Each DOOR1 sensor includes a coin cell battery and double sided foam tape for easy installation of the two DOOR1 sensor pieces.

Installation consists of installing the included coin-cell battery and mounting the two sides of the DOOR1 sensor on the door frame and the door. When the door is closed, the two pieces should be within 1/4 inch of each other.  A red LED on the larger side of the sensor blinks when the door sensor changes state to allow easy verification of correct installation.  Multiple sections of double sided foam tape are included to let you stack the foam tape to make sure the sensors can be mounted with proper separation.

The door states that are logged in the monitor station from each door sensor are:

  • Door Just Opened
  • Door Still Opened
  • Door Just Closed
  • Door Still Closed

Each door event is logged with its timestamp so the data can be easily seen on the monitor station app and historical data can be easily viewed.

Alerts can be created to send email and/or text messages when a Door is opened or closed

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