RV Whisper® Monitor Station

Now you can easily monitor many things in your RV including:

  • Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Humidity
  • Battery Current (Amps, Amp Hours)*
  • Battery State of Charge*
  • Propane Levels*
  • Door Security*
  • Moisture Detection*
  • Shore Power*

(* Requires purchase of additional sensors that are not included in the basic RV Whisper Monitor system.)

The RV Whisper® Monitor Station is built around a low-cost computer that can be installed easily by any RV owner. RV Whisper® is perfect for all RV enthusiasts — from the casual weekender, to the seasonal camper, and even the full-timer.  The monitor station logs the data to its internal database so the data is always available in the RV. When WiFi is available in the RV with internet access, the monitor station data can be viewed over the internet.

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Check out a demo of the RV Whisper® Monitor Station:

What’s in the box?

RV Monitor System

Each RV Monitor System includes:

  • RV Whisper Monitor Station – a small computer with RV Whisper Monitoring software (black box in picture above)
  • One Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • One Wireless Battery Voltage & Temperature Sensor
  • USB Power Adapter
  • USB Power Cord
  • Velcro
  • Our Handy Quick Start Guide

Why do I need RV Whisper®?

RV Whisper® has many features designed to bring you peace of mind in your RV:

  • Track your RV’s indoor temperature on hot or cold days — especially useful for making sure your pets are safe while you’re away!
  • Monitor your fridge and freezer for safe food storage temperatures
  • Check your 12V batteries for low or high voltage
  • Set text message and/or email alerts for when temperatures get too hot or voltages are out of range
  • Display your RV data in a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer — no internet access is required to access your data when you’re near the RV Whisper® monitor station
  • *If you choose to supply your own WiFi, you can check in on your RV over the internet!

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Pet Safety

RV Interior Temperature Alerts

When your pets have to stay behind in your RV, with RV Whisper® you’ll know if they are safe from dangerous summertime heat. If the RV interior temperature rises above a user-specified threshold, RV Whisper® can send you text and/or email messages to let you know.

Food Safety

Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Alerting

Food refrigeration in RVs can be challenging. Propane / Electric fridges are very popular in RVs, but they can struggle to keep food at safe temperatures in hot weather.

With RV Whisper®, you will know if your fridge is staying cold enough! If the refrigerator or freezer temperatures remain above a specified temperature for too long, alerts can be sent to warn you.

Historical Temperature Data

Use a browser on any computer or smart phone to remotely view the RV’s current and historical interior temperature (with user-provided WiFi). RV Whisper® software will graph your RV’s temperature over the last few hours, days, or weeks, so you can know how the temperature has fluctuated over time.

Historical data can help you understand why your RV freezer might become warm on occasion – for example, due to regular defrost cycles.

This tool is a favorite among seasonal campers who leave their RV at their favorite RV park for the season. When you are away from the RV for several days, or weeks, it is important to know that the fridge has been keeping your refrigerated items at safe temperatures the whole time you were away.

Even if shore power goes out and your fridge switches to propane, RV Whisper® can continue to monitor the fridge temperature when powered from 12 Volt USB power adapters. If solar panels are used to maintain the RV batteries at the proper voltage, the monitoring and alerting can continue indefinitely, especially if your RV internet access is a MiFi type system powered by the same solar charged battery bank.

RV Battery Monitoring

Monitor and Log Battery Bank Voltage and Temperature

Monitor your 12V battery banks with wireless sensors that connect to your RV batteries, monitoring the battery voltage and temperature.

Customize alerts to warn you of problems with your battery system. Graph your battery bank’s voltage data over the last few days, weeks, or months to gain insight into how well your energy battery banks, charging system, generator, and/or solar panels are working together to make your RVing experience more enjoyable.

If your RV batteries are kept charged with solar and/or shore power while in storage, then you can have a continuous record of your battery voltage and interior temperature. And if you have internet access in the RV, you can remotely access the data in the RV Monitor System installed on the RV and receive email and text message alerts.

Voltage Logging for RV Technicians

If you have problems with your RV battery bank, the logged data from the RV Whisper® Battery Voltage Sensors can provide valuable troubleshooting data to yourself and/or your RV Technician.

Displaying a graph of your RV batteries’ voltage over the previous few weeks can help an RV Technician, or an RVer familiar with their RV’s 12V systems, quickly determine the root cause of battery issues.

Receive Text and Email Alerts

Set text message and/or email alerts for when temperatures get too hot or voltages are out of range. Text and email alerts are highly customizable for a range of settings, including temperature, humidity, and battery voltage.

Always On

Safest When Powered by USB 12V Adapter

RV Whisper® is best powered by a USB power adapter connected to your RVs 12V power.  This will provide continuous operation, even when shore power is not available. This is important because if you lose shore power on a hot summer day and you don’t have a working generator auto start system, a shore-powered monitoring system would not be available to alert you of high temperatures due to shore power outage.

It is highly recommended that both your RV Whisper®  Monitor Station and your WiFi Internet Access (MiFi or jetpack device) are both operated from a USB power adapter that is powered by your RVs 12V power.

“Shore Power Lost” Alerts

If shore power is lost and the generator doesn’t start, the RV battery voltage will drop right way to under 13.2 Volts.  The Battery Voltage sensor will detect this and an Alert can be configured to detect when shore power is lost.  A “lost shore power” alert can be a much needed early warning that RV interior temperatures are likely to be going up soon since the Air Conditioner won’t run without shore power or generator power.

Shore Power Monitoring

Wireless monitoring of the park power at the pedestal is simple with the Power Watchdog family of RV surge protectors.  Log and alert on AC Volts, Amps, Watts, KWH and even park wiring mistakes.

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Wireless Sensors Mean Easy Installation

RV Whisper® Monitor Systems are easy to install. By using wireless sensors, you avoid the complexity of running wires throughout your finished RV.

RV Whisper™’s wireless sensors use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send data to the RV Whisper® Monitor System, where the data is stored.

A in-depth look at RV Whisper® features

More Insight with Historical Data Access (Data Logging)

RV Whisper® systems bring the Internet of Things to the RV world, promising new levels of data and insight to the diverse community of RV enthusiasts.

Sensor-data history can be graphed to track various operations in an RV, a home on wheels. RV Whisper® allows RV owners to truly understand their home.

Peace of Mind With Customizable Unlimited Alerting

Has the temperature of an RV living room risen too high while the owner is away? Is battery voltage dropping too low? Customizable alerts can help an RV user take action to correct a potentially unsafe condition. RV Whisper® allows a user to take control to meet specific needs.  Alerts can be sent as email to multiple email addresses and as text messages to multiple cell phone numbers.  There is no limit on how how many Alerts can be configured and how many email addresses or cell phone numbers to send them to.

More Freedom with Internet Accessibility

When RV Whisper® is connected to the internet via owner-supplied WiFi, all monitoring and alerting features are available no matter the distance between the user and the RV. As long as a remote user’s smartphone or other device has internet access, the user can securely access RV data online.

Always On: When Powered by 12V USB power adapter

The 12 Volt battery system is the most reliable source of power on most RVs. Most RV systems – propane-powered refrigerators, propane water heaters, 12 Volt lighting, slide motors, awning motor, and electric jacks – are typically designed to run off of the 12 Volt battery system installed in an RV. This allows an RV to be functional while traveling and when camping at sites without electricity.

Shore power can be unreliable at camp sites with electric hookups. Connected to the 12 Volt battery system, however, the monitor station can continue data collection, logging and alerting even when shore power is lost. Remote access and alert features will work without shore power as long as the RV Whisper® monitor station uses a mobile hotspot or WiFi jetpack for internet access in the RV that is also powered from the 12Volt system.

If the RV has solar panels that keep the 12V battery system charged during storage, RV Whisper® can continually monitor data and provide remote access over the internet – especially if a 12V-powered MiFi-type solution is also running in the RV.

Overview of Features

  • USB powered (recommended to supply USB power from the 12V battery with a user-provided 12V USB power adaptor)
    • power consumption is 0.6 Watts (110 milliAmps at 5 Volts, or 50 milliAmps at 12 Volts)
  • Multiple sensors supported
    • Wireless temperature and humidity sensors
    • Battery voltage sensor
    • Shore Power
    • Propaned
    • Dorr Open / Close
    • Water Leak
  • View current sensor data
  • View historical sensor data
  • View data from smartphone, tablet, or laptop over WiFi
  • Alerting based on customizable thresholds, such as:
    • Fridge temperature too high
    • Living area too hot
    • 12V battery voltage is getting low
    • Shore power low voltage
  • If connected to internet through WiFi
    • Alerts sent via email and/or text messages
    • Securely view current and historical data over the internet with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop
    • Change settings over the internet for appropriate user
  • Role-Based Access Control
    • Default roles of admin and viewer
    • Admin user can create additional users and require passwords to view only users

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