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Mopeka Propane Standard Sensor

Screenshot of Mopeka Propane Sensors in RV Whisper App

Never have to guess at the propane levels in your tanks again!  RV Whisper and Mopeka have joined together to offer you an easy solution for propane monitoring and logging.  Data from up to 10 wireless Mopeka propane sensors can be logged in the RV Whisper monitor station installed in your RV so you can see both current and historical propane level data in the RV Whisper app over the internet.  Email and text message alerts can also be sent when a propane tank is running low.

The RV Whisper Monitor System integrates with virtually all Mopeka Propane Sensors.

  • The Mopeka Check Standard Sensor works on 20 lb, 30 lb and 40 lb  steel propane cylinders but requires Firmware Version 1.2 or higher which was released in 2018.
  • The ProCheck Sensor with Magnets (new in 2020) is for steel propane tanks from 20 lbs to 1,000 gallons
  • The ProCheck Sensor with Collar (new in 2020) is for Aluminum tanks.
    • Travel Trailers and 5th Wheel Trailers are usually equipped with two 30 lb steel propane tanks.  Some Airstream trailers come with 30 lb aluminum propane cylinders and require the ProCheck Sensor with Collar.

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    Mopeka ProCheck Sensor with Magnets

    Mopeka ProCheck with Collar

    The Mopeka phone app and RV Whisper monitor station can both work with Mopeka Standard and ProCheck Sensors at the same time over Bluetooth.  And if you are using the Mopeka WiFi Gateway, Mopeka monitor panel, Mopeka Phone App and RV Whisper monitor station in your RV all at the same time, don’t worry because they can all work at the same time with the same Mopeka Standard and ProCheck Sensors.

    Note that the RV Whisper Monitor system  works with:

    • Mopeka Check Standard Sensors, with Firmware:  Version Mopeka v1.2 and higher (released in 2018)  These older sensors are still being sold by retailers.
    • Mopeka ProCheck With Magnets all versions
    • Mopeka ProCheck With Collar all versions

    To ensure a seamless experience, you can purchase new Mopeka Tank Check Standard Sensors directly from RV Whisper to be sure you get the correct firmware version.  If you already own Mopeka Tank Check Standard Sensors, try adding them to your RV Whisper Monitor Station.  If they don’t work properly (propane level measurements change wildly) that means they have older firmware on them.  Unfortunately the firmware on the Mopeka Standard Sensors is not field upgradable.

    Mopeka Propane Sensor Spacers

    When used on vertical propane tanks that are commonly used in Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels, it is recommended to use spacers to increase the clearance between the bottom of the tank cylinder and the propane stand.  There are two types of spacers available from RV Whisper:  Tank Halos and Aluminum Spacers (or Feet).

    Tank Halos are ideal for Travel Trailers with 20lb and 30lb propane cylinders. When used on 5th Wheel propane tanks, they are a very snug fit in the steel propane stand – they can usually be made to fit, but they are very tight (and may require bending the sides of the propane stand a little bit).

    Tank Halo Spacer. Increases the clearance between the tank bottom and the propane tray it sits on.


    Tank Spacers (Aluminum Feet) may be a simpler solution for Fifth Wheels.

    Aluminum Feet Propane Tank Spacers. 4 Feet per Tank.

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