Battery Sensors:  BMRV1 and DCPM1

Battery Mole RV (BMRV1) for Battery Voltage and Temperature

Battery Mole RV (BMRV1) for Battery Voltage and Temperature

Battery Voltage & Temperature Sensor (BMRV1)

BMRV1 Screenshot of RV Whisper App

An easy to install wireless sensor, the Battery Mole RV (BMRV1) measures Battery Voltage and Temperature.  The BMRV1 sensors are  connected to RV batteries with battery clips. Each BMRV1 sensor is labeled with a unique RV Whisper® serial number making it easy to add the sensor to your RV Whisper® monitor station. Up to 10 BMRV1 sensors can be added to a single RV Whisper® monitor station.  Motorized RVs generally use two battery moles so both the house and starting batteries can be monitored.

Logged BMRV1 data can be easily viewed in the monitor station app. Alerts can be sent via email and text messages.

BMRV1 sensors can alert you when you lose shore power in your RV by sending email and text messages when the RV battery voltage falls below 13.0 Volts. (For most RVs, this means that there is no AC voltage available for the on-board battery converter (charger).  For pet safety, this can give you an early warning that your RV Air Conditioner does not have power to operate.

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DC Power Meter (DCPM1) for Voltage, Amps, Amp Hours, State of Charge. (Thornwave PowerMon Battery Monitor)

Thornwave PowerMon Battery Monitor / DC Power Meter (DCPM1) for Voltage, Amps, Amp Hours, State of Charge

DCPM1 – DC Power Meter from Thornwave Labs

Screenshot of Thornwave PowerMon data in RV Whisper App

The DCPM1 connects to your RV batteries (with an external 500 Amp shunt or its internal 60 Amp shunt) to measure DC current, voltage and power and calculate an accurate battery State of Charge.  The DCPM1 uses Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communications to transmit data to the RV Whisper® Monitor Station . This makes the installation in an RV easier than traditional battery monitors because no signal wires need to be run.  The DCPM1 is the same device as the Thornwave Labs Inc. DC Power Monitor which comes with its own free Android and iOS phone apps for initial configuration and for viewing real-time data.  After the DCPM1 is installed in your RV battery compartment, and the Thornwave PowerMon phone app is used to configure it, you can then add it to the RV Whisper® Monitor Station.  The monitor station logs the DCPM1 data every 2 minutes so your battery data can be securely viewed over the internet.  All of the display, graphing and alerting features of the RV Whisper® web app are available for the DCPM1 data. 

The RV Whisper® DCPM1 is a great way to track the status of your RV Batteries when relying on solar power and/or generators to keep your batteries charged. The ability to easily see the current and historical battery charging and discharging data over the internet helps bring peace of mind to RV owners who spend significant time unplugged from shore power.

If you already own a Thornwave Battery Monitor / DC Power Monitor you can add it to your RV Whisper® Monitor Station as another sensor.  Or you can purchase the DCPM1 directly from RV Whisper.

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