RV Surge Protectors:

Power Watchdog from Hughes Autoformers

Power Watchdog 50 Amp

The Power Watchdog brand of RV Surge Protectors from Hughes Autoformers can be added to your RV Whisper Monitor Station as another “sensor“.  All Power Watchdog models are compatible with your RV Whisper Monitor Station.

The RV Whisper Monitor Station connects to the Power Watchdog with wireless Bluetooth, the same as the Power Watchdog phone app. The RV Whisper Monitor Station logs all Power Watchdog data and lets you view the most recent as well as historical data on your phone, tablet or computer.

When the Monitor Station is connected to WiFi in the RV, data from the RV Whisper Monitor Station can be securely seen over the internet with any smart phone, computer or tablet. Email and text alerts can also be sent when connected to WiFi in the RV.  See How it Works.

Examples of alerts are when Voltage is too low or too high or when current is too high.  Power Watchdog EPO models can also log and alert on park wiring problems such as Open Ground and Neutral Reversed (Hot Neutral).

The Power Watchdog devices come with free Android and iOS phone apps. These apps are used to configure the Power Watchdog device and to display real time data when near the RV (within Bluetooth range – about 50 feet).

For Pet Safety, this integration is the first of its kind to provide remote alerting when park power is lost in the RV.  This provides RV owners time to react before the RV temperature rises to dangerous levels for their pets that had to be left behind for a while.  RV power status can be viewed over the internet so you can also know when power has been restored.

RVs owners who rent seasonal sites can now see the logged park voltage and their power usage (KWH).  They can also see when their peak power usage times are and know when park power was lost and when it was restored.

To determine which Power Watchdog device is best for your needs, refer to the Power Watchdog Comparison Chart.

RV Whisper logs extra data depending on whether the Power Watchdog is an EPO (Emergency Power Off) device.

RV Whisper logs this data from All 30 Amp Power Watchdog devices:

  • Voltage
  • Amps
  • Watts
  • KWH

and from all 50 Amp Power Watchdog devices:

  • Voltage Leg 1
  • Voltage Leg 2
  • Amps Leg 1
  • Amps Leg 2
  • Watts Leg 1
  • Watts Leg 2
  • Watts Total
  • KWH Leg 1
  • KWH Leg 2
  • KWH Total

Email and Text Message Alerts can be automatically sent based on any of the data logged in the RV Whisper monitor station database.

If you already own a Power Watchdog device, you can add it at anytime to your RV Whisper Monitor Station.  Or you can purchase a Power Watchdog device from RV Whisper.

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