The PressurePro Pulse FX Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System can be added to your RV Whisper Monitor Station.

If you have the PressurePro FX Bluetooth device installed in your RV, then you can easily add it to your RV Whisper Monitor Station with the “Add Sensor” feature.  RV Whisper automatically discovers all of the tire sensors and vehicles that were added to the Pulse FX device with the PressurePro phone app.

The Pulse FX supports multiple vehicles.  The screen shot above shows two vehicles (5th wheel and truck with 8 tires total) that were added to the Pressure Pro FX device.  When the RV Whisper system adds the Pulse FX as a sensor, all of the vehicles and tires are automatically discovered and stored in RV Whisper.  RV Whisper then logs the data tire pressure and temperature data and Pressure Pro FX Alerts every few minutes.

RV Whisper can display the historical tire pressure and temperature data and can send alerts via email and text messages just like any other RV Whisper sensor.

PressurePro FX
PressurePro FX device. Comes with 12 Volt cigarette lighter adapter and RF antenna for picking up tire sensor signals.  Collects all tire sensor data and transmits via Bluetooth to RV Whisper or to PressurePro phone app.

The PressurePro FX device comes with the free PressurePro phone app for real time monitoring of Tire Pressure, Tire Temperature and Tire Alerts when driving. Check out the Pulse FX device and PressurePro sensors for more details on how they work. The Pressure Pro FX device is essentially a “Bluetooth Gateway” that is installed in your RV to collect data from one or more PressurePro tire sensors that are installed on one or more vehicles/trailers.

Note that a PressurePro FX can only talk to one “Bluetooth Central” (PressurePro Phone App or RV Whisper) at a time.  This means that when a PressurePro phone app is connected to a PressurePro FX for realtime monitoring of tire pressures while driving, RV Whisper will not be able to connect to that same PressurePro FX and log data (until the PressurePro phone app is turned off).  Some customers decide to use two Pressure Pro FX devices so RV Whisper can log data all of the time from one of them, while the other FX is always available to connect to the PressurePro phone app while driving.  PressurePro tire sensors can be monitored by any number of Pressure Pro FX devices.

PressurePro Tire Sensors
PressurePro Tire Sensors for PressurePro FX screw onto tire valve stems, essentially replacing the valve cap.

The RV Whisper screen shot below shows two days of Temperature and Pressure data from two different tires (on two different vehicles) while the truck and trailer were parked.