Screenshot of SeeLevel data in RV Whisper App

If you have the 709-BTP3 Tank Monitor from SeeLevel installed in your RV, then you only need to use the “Add Sensor” feature of your RV Whisper Monitor Station to add it to the monitored devices in your RV Whisper.  The RV Whisper wireless Bluetooth integration with the SeeLevel 709-BTP3 logs and displays RV Battery Voltage, up to 3 water tank levels and one LPG tank level.   All of the RV Whisper alerting features (email and text messages) are available for all SeeLevel logged data.

With this integration, you can receive email or text alerts when your Fresh tank is low, when your waste tanks are getting full or if your RV Battery voltage is low.  RV Whisper lets you easily graph tank level historical data so you can see when your RV used the most water.

Check with Garnet Instruments if the 709-BTP3 can be installed in your RV. 

If the LPG tank or any of the water tank “Senders” are not connected to the 709-BTP3, the RV Whisper integration intelligently “ignores” the senders that are not

SeeLevel 709-BTP3 Bluetooth Capable Display Panel