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What is Tank Whisper®?

Tank Whisper® is a low-cost technology add-on for KIB monitor panels. Tank Whisper enables most factory-installed RV hardware to finally measure holding tank levels correctly!  Do your black and/or gray tank monitors rarely or never display “EMPTY,” even after you have just emptied them? If so, then Tank Whisper® may be the solution to your inaccurate tank level monitoring.

Don’t get stressed out about making needless trips to the dump station when you should be relaxing with friends and family! Tank Whisper® is designed for all types of RV enthusiasts who want the peace of mind of having correct tank level monitoring.

Tank Whisper® connects to most existing tank level monitoring panels and wire harnesses from KIB Electronics, that have been installed in most RVs for the past 30 years. Tank Whisper® is designed to correctly measure tank levels from dirty tanks — even tanks that have been dirty for years!  Below are some pictures of KIB monitor panels that are compatible with Tank Whisper®.  Note there are exactly 4 Levels: Empty, 1/3, 2/3, and Full.  Also note that the levels are indicated by lighting up 4 Red LEDs.  If your current monitor panel is a KIB monitor panel it will have:

  • Four Levels
    • E (Empty)
    • 1/3
    • 2/3
    • F (Full)
  • Four Red LEDs that light up when a tank button is pushed and held down
    • one LED turns on for Empty
    • two LEDs turn on for 1/3
    • three LEDs turn on for 2/3
    • four LEDs turn on for Full

If your monitor panel looks and acts as above, and if it looks like one of the below pictures, then it most likely is a KIB MicroMonitor and is compatible with the Tank Whisper® Board.

How does Tank Whisper® Work?

Tank Whisper® is a small PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that connects directly to the back of an existing KIB monitor panel that was factory installed in most RV’s over the last 25 years.  The Tank Whisper® Board enables correct tank level measurements of black, gray, and fresh water tanks by working in a “man in the middle” configuration. It is installed by:

  • unplugging the tank wire harness connector from the back of the KIB monitor panel
  • connecting the Tank Whisper Board to the back of the KIB Monitor Panel
  • connecting the tank wire harness connector to the Tank Whisper Board.


After being installed properly, in a “man in the middle” configuration, the Tank Whisper Board:

  • gets 12 Volt power from the existing tank wire harness
  • communicates with the existing tank sensors over the existing wire harness using the patented (U.S. Patent No. 10,760,937) Tank Whisper process that more accurately determine the tank levels.
  • communicates with the existing KIB monitor panel so the corrected tank levels are displayed on the existing KIB monitor panels.
    • Tank Whisper displays the same four levels of precision (Empty, 1/3, 2/3, Full), but the levels are much more accurate  than with the KIB monitor panel by itself.  This is especially true for the Black and Gray tanks.


Check out our FAQ to learn if Tank Whisper® will work in your RV!


RV Whisper® Monitor Station Integration

Check on your RV’s tank levels from the convenience of your web browser when integrated with the RV Whisper® Monitor Station

When the Tank Whisper® Board is also connected to a RV Whisper® Monitor Station (wired connection), the monitor station logs the tank level data and displays the tank levels as shown above.  The monitor station also lets you create custom email and text message alerts for each tank when it reaches any of the four “Empty, “1/3”, “2/3” or “Full” levels.  The monitor station integration also lets you view historical data to see trends in your tank usage.  The RV Whisper® Monitor Station sees the Tank Whisper® board as just another sensor like the Temperature, Battery, Propane and Shore Power sensors it also integrates with.

Summary of Tank Whisper® Features

  • Uses patented (U.S. Patent No. 10,760,937) Tank Whisper® technology to correctly determine tank levels of Fresh, Gray and Black water tanks
  • Can operate independently or can integrate with RV Whisper® monitor station:
    • RV Whisper® monitor station can be used to log and display tank levels
    • Monitor station integration is a wired connection between the Tank Whisper board and the RV Whisper® monitor station
  • Tank Whisper® installs easily in most RVs
    • No need to install new tank probes or run new wires through your RV
    • Connects to an existing tank sensor wire harness, which is connected to an existing KIB Electronics monitor panel
    • Your old KIB monitor panel can remain in place
      • Any pump and water heater switches remain the same
      • Your old monitor panel will now display the Tank Whisper® corrected data


RV Tank Sensors and Tank Monitoring Technical Information

This presentation:  https://rvwhisper.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/RV-Black-tanks.pdf shows how the most common RV Tank Monitoring systems work, why they fail and what you can do about it