Temperature & Humidity Sensor Screenshots and Details (BTH1)

Temperature & Humidity Sensor (BTH1)

RV temperature and humidity sensor
BTH1 – Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Each Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor (BTH1) operates on a common coin cell battery (CR2032 – included) for about one year. The sensor should be attached to a vertical surface with a hook and loop fastener (included). Up to 10 BTH1 sensors can be added to a single RV Whisper® Monitor System.

If installing inside a fridge or freezer be sure to use the adhesive hook and loop fasteners to attach to a side wall (vertical surface) which allows for better drainage from the circuit board if condensation occurs.  Each BTH1 sensor is labeled with a unique serial number making it easy to add multiple BTH1 sensors to a single monitor station.

Common uses of BTH1 sensors are to monitor:

  • Inside temperature
  • Fridge temperature
  • Freezer temperature
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Wet Bay temperature