WTR1 Water Leak Sensor


WTR1 Water Leak Sensor

WTR1 sensor bottom with 3 metal legs

The WTR1 sensor is an oval puck shaped device that is placed on the floor where water leak detection is needed, such as under bathroom and kitchen sinks.  The WTR1 sensor stands on 3 small metal feet that detect when there is water between the metal feet.  When water is under the sensor, it sends out a Bluetooth Low Energy message that is captured and logged by the RV Whisper monitor station.

The WTR1 sensor logs the following messages along with timestamps:

  • Just Got Wet
  • Still Wet
  • Just Got Dry
  • Still Dry

Both current and historical data can be securely viewed over the internet in the RV Whisper monitor station app.  Alerts can be created to send email and text messages when the moisture conditions change.  Up to 10 WTR1 sensors can be added to a single RV Whisper monitor station. Each WTR1 sensor comes with a coin-cell battery that lasts over a year.  The WTR1 sensor must be added to a RV Whisper monitor station in order to be used.